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  • At Virus, we offer clothing for training and physical activity of the highest quality. On this page, we have collected a large selection of men's singlets, and are you therefore looking for the perfect training shirt? Then you have come to the right place. The men's singlet is the obvious choice when training takes place in hot conditions or if you want maximum freedom of movement for exercises involving shoulders and arms. A singlet should be comfortable and give you the best conditions to train effectively, and they can be styled with a pair of shorts or training pants.

    Men's singlet - the perfect training shirt

    The smart and functional singlet is all designed without sleeves, which gives you extra freedom of movement during training. The models are designed with a tight fit. Whichever type you choose, you get plenty of freedom of movement, as the materials are both light and flexible. If you use your singlet as a kind of undershirt, the close-fitting design can be an advantage, while it is more a matter of taste if the top is your only layer on the upper body. Training tops for men who train hard and intensively must be made of light and quick-drying materials with good breathable and sweat-transporting properties. In this way, you will experience excellent comfort, where the body feels drier and adapts throughout the training. The sleeveless design also helps with ventilation, ensuring a cooler feel. If you need good mobility in your arms and shoulders when you train, then a close-fitting top is the best solution. If you do bodybuilding, for example, it is best if the shoulder area is free. On the one hand, there is good space around the shoulders, and on the other hand, you can more easily follow the training in the mirror. If, for example, you practice basketball, a loose-fitting, classic men's singlet is preferable. If you train hard, you will naturally get sweaty. Your training clothes should be able to take this into account. Training clothes should ideally be able to do something more than just the comfortable clothes you use to train in. It should also be both practical and support the sport you play. And if it emphasizes your well-trained body at the same time, it’s just a plus. Many also choose to use a bold men's singlet in their spare time, because it is so wonderful to wear.

    This is how you can style your men's singlet top

    We all know the feeling of the sun beating down from a cloudless sky and the sweat starts flowing. It may also be that you give it all you’ve got for training in other seasons, because activity equals sweat. The armpits in particular are stuffy, and it can quickly become a wet and smelly affair. The positive is that you can benefit from sleeveless training shirts. Sport is both movement and action. With a singlet, you avoid annoying sleeves, but can instead enjoy full freedom of movement in your arms. Raise and swing your shoulders and arms when hitting with the racket or club. The sleeveless designs are ideal for so many sports. Also when you have to shoot for the basket in basketball, block in volleyball or train on machines in the gym. There are no restrictions, just free movement for expression. Men's singlet can be styled in many different ways, depending on personal style and occasion. They can be worn alone or under an open shirt or cardigan, and can be styled with both casual and formal trousers or shorts. It may be that you need a singlet for the beach, maybe for basketball or simply to complete the stylish summer look with shorts, sneakers and a smart cap. The possibilities are many, which is why men's singlets are a must for the wardrobe.

    A journey without limits

    Virus International empowers lifestyles that seek to live differently, for those who see possibilities where others see limits. We strive for the best in athletic performance while pushing the boundaries of product testing and technology to serve our passionate community. Our ever-growing tribe continues to pursue feats and adventures that transcend all limitations and boundaries. We believe you should have comfortable clothing built for every movement to give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals. Our products are tested in collaboration with the world's best athletes, but they are designed for you and your passion.

    Find the perfect men's singlet

    At Virus there is a guarantee that you will find exactly the men's singlet styles that you are looking for. We have made sure that there is something for every taste among the large selection, which offers men's workout singlets in different colors. So it almost doesn't matter what style you want your singlet in, you can find it here. It is important to choose the right size singlet to ensure the best fit. You can advantageously measure your chest and compare it with the measurements on the clothing's size chart. If in doubt, it is best to go up a size rather than choose a size that is too small.

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    In addition to our desire to offer stylish clothes for the active lifestyle, we at Virus also want to offer our customers an efficient, reliable and easily accessible service. You can easily find our contact information on the website. We always strive to answer all questions and other inquiries as quickly as possible, and we are always honest and helpful. On the website you can read about our delivery times and prices, when you can get free shipping and where we can deliver to. You can e.g. also read about our rules for payment and privacy policy. If you have found a product that meets your wishes and needs, all information is within easy reach. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.