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  • At Virus, we offer modern training clothes for everyday activities. On this page, we have gathered a large selection of socks, and do you therefore need some new socks for the drawer? Then you have come to the right place. Socks are essential in everyday life, and they can easily be used up. When you train, you often put a lot of strain on your feet. It is therefore important that your trainer socks fit well and provide good protection against chafing. In addition, it is an advantage if they are made of light, sweat-wicking materials, which help to keep the feet dry and suitably temperate.

    Socks for training

    The quality of your sock is decisive for whether you get a good training experience. Good quality training anklets are made from functional materials that effectively wick sweat away from the feet and allow them to breathe. If the training socks do not cope with this task, you easily end up with wet feet in the shoes. It increases the risk of unpleasant discomforts such as chafing and blisters due to the greater friction from a wet sock. A good training sock is also often designed with extra reinforcements in particularly exposed places such as the heel and forefoot, while the material is thinner and more breathable in the middle of the foot and in the shaft. In addition, it is an advantage if the stockings are anatomically correct and have a right/left facing design. This ensures fantastic comfort without unnecessary excess material at the toes, which can easily cause painful chafing wounds. You get all this with our hiking socks. Pamper your feet with high-quality training anklets and feel the difference when the training becomes intense and you move closer to reaching your training goals.

    Why you should choose the right sock for training

    Your feet contain around 250,000 sweat glands, and sweat an incredible amount. That's why you need running anklets that are light, made of technical materials and equipped with good sweat-transporting properties. When it comes to truly optimizing your training performance, all sorts of factors will influence the outcome, including the choice of a good sock. Good training socks will give you support, stability, comfort and an improved grip to your shoes, or possibly to the floor/mat if you take your shoes off for squats & deadlifts. A good choice of socks will prevent damage to your legs and be your best friends on longer walks, runs, ski trips etc.

    There are many different types of socks to choose from, made from all kinds of fabrics, and choosing the right pair of kneesocks for different types of exercise is something many of us don't consider much. The truth is that a good choice of socks will give you a competitive advantage, in addition to maintaining good bone health. It is very important to take care of your legs when you are actively training! In the end, the right choice of sock for exercise is really a matter of personal preference.

    A journey without limits

    Virus International empowers lifestyles that seek to live differently, for those who see possibilities where others see limits. We strive for the best in athletic performance while pushing the boundaries of product testing and technology to serve our passionate community. Our ever-growing tribe continues to pursue feats and adventures that transcend all limitations and boundaries. We believe you should have comfortable clothing built for every movement to give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals. Our products are tested in collaboration with the world's best athletes, but they are designed for you and your passion.

    Large selection of socks

    At Virus, there is a guarantee that you will find exactly the walking socks you need. We have ensured that there is something for every taste among the large selection, which offers both colorful kneesocks, white socks, black socks, blue socks, orange socks, ladies socks and much more. Whether you are into colorful kneesocks, or whether you are more into the classic black or white, you can find your new socks here. Our socks have in common that they are not too thick, not too warm, and they are both soft and comfortable. When you need to buy a good pair of training anklets, it is important to choose a model that is designed with a focus on high comfort, like these. Our socks invite you to effective training with sweat-wicking and breathable properties in absolute top quality. In addition, they are made of a light and quick-drying material, so comfort is maintained from start to finish of your training. It is important that the sweat is directed away from your feet, as the risk of unwanted friction between skin and sock will otherwise be too great. A wet training sock can easily lead to chafing with unpleasant blisters as a result. You can treat yourself and your feet to great advantage with nice, high-quality anklets, so you can enjoy your new socks for a very long time, while at the same time you can improve your training and achieve the desired results.

    Efficient delivery and service

    In addition to our desire to offer modern training clothes for everyday activities, we at Virus also want to offer our customers an efficient, reliable and easily accessible service. You can easily find our contact information on the website. We always strive to answer all questions and other inquiries as quickly as possible, and we are always honest and helpful. On the website you can read about our delivery times and prices, when you can get free shipping and where we can deliver to. You can e.g. also read about our rules for payment and privacy policy. If you have found a product that meets your wishes and needs, all information is within easy reach. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.